VietMac is becoming a familiar fast food brand in the supermarkets, convenience stores system in Vietnam
2018/08/22 19:30 (JST)
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Hanoi, July  2018: Starting from March 2018, Vietmac rice burger has officially launched at 300 out of 600 convenience stores in Vinmart+ chain, a Vingroup’s leading retail brand which is growing rapidly in Vietnam market.


VietMac started with two main products, VietMac Rice Burger and VietMac Sticky Rice Burger, the materials are rice - the familiar cereal to Asian people. VietMac is a perfect combination of two delicious rice cakes cover vegetables, chicken and beef, BBQ grilled pork in the middle with sauce specially prepared by VietMac chefs. In Hanoi, customers can easily find VietMac's products at Vinmart +, Shop and Go, Family Mart, Cafe, Fivimart, Aeon, Seika Mart, Minh Hoa Mart, etc ...

Mrs. Ngo Thi Kim Thanh - General Director of VietMac Food Joint Stock Company said:

“Joining large distribution systems means that the manufacturer has to give up the small produce method, which means that VietMac needs to develop a business plan for the 5 year, 10 years period if we don’t want to be removed from the market soon.

In 2 years of absence, VietMac had invited leading experts in the field of food production to consult and invest in the rebuilding of factories, production line, equipment,...  in order to maximize operating capacity, to meet up with the market demand. The company's workshop system was granted ISO 22000:2005 quality management certification by the international organization on food safety and hygiene in September 2017.

All of them are the first phase on the develop roadmap of Vietmac, to supply the domestic market with Clean and Good products, aiming at the target: "In the refrigerator of every houses, every day are there products of Vietmac."

Since March 2018, Vietmac has cooperated with A & T Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company to distribute products exclusively in the Memos restaurant chain with 5 stores at T1 domestic departure terminal and T2 international departure terminal of Noi Bai Airport.


Vietmac rice burger


Mr. Doan Quoc Tien, Deputy General Director of A & T Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, commented:

"VietMac rice burger is suitable for many customers who do not have much time before the check-in procedures. Vietmac rice burger is considered to meet the strict quality and safety standards of food safety management agencies here. Besides, the product has nice packaging, creating good impression to the customers”

Mrs. Ngo Thi Kim Thanh - General Director of VietMac Food Joint Stock Company shared about the future plan:

"From a producer perspective, in the processed food market, to maintain and increasingly assert the produce position is the most important task. How to increase the consumption in large distribution systems is a big challenge for us. In addition to maintain the quality, we plan to build the standard material area, that meet the demand of types, quantity and quality to take initiative in production and business”.

In the first quarter of 2018, VietMac successfully signed a cooperation contract  with investors from Japan. In the future, with the support of foreign experts, VietMac plans to develop products with Japanese style but still ensure the convenience and clean standard “Live FAST eat FRESH”, to meet the needs of diverse customers. This is also the premise for VietMac to expand its market share to the international market in the next phase.

Vietnam currently has the population of approximate 96.5 million people, of which more than 60% is the youth (under 35 years old) who tend to change their appetite and enjoy the new culinary trend. In Vietnam, processed food industry is growing rapidly, creating a great attraction for domestic and foreign investors. By 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has licensed more than 170 foreign trademarks and brands to Vietnam, of which restaurants, coffee, beverages, etc. occupied more than 50% of the total. (1)


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Vietnam - Franchising Industry Sector



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Brief information: VietMac Food Joint Stock Company, with the slogan "live FAST, eat FRESH" (Vietmac), and the mission to provide consumers with safe and convenient meals, complete and balanced in nutrition. VietMac wishes to become a close friend of all Vietnamese families, and contribute to the national food security.


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