[Thanh Nien News] – Media Interview

[Thanh Nien News] – Media Interview

We visited Thanh Nien News around 10 AM on May 26, 2017.

【PIC Introduction】

Name: KIEU MINH LONG (We point him as ‘Mr. Long’ below the sentence)
Status: Deputy of Manager in chief of Advertising department

He had a lot of interest in diplomacy between Japan and the Vietnam, and he listened to our stories interestingly throughout the whole meeting.

【Company Introduction】

Company Name: Thanh Nien News

Address: 218 Tay Son ST., Hanoi

Media type: Newspaper

Articles Category: General, Sports, Entertainment,

Main Reader: Knowledgeable young people

Treasure thought in working:
Keeping to provide great quality news and our news is worth coming out .

They are one of the major newspapers across the country, a daily newspaper representing Vietnam.

They deal with all articles on economic activities of society as a field to be handled.

Thanh Nien News has extensive information in all fields in the economic society. High quality articles from experts will make the reader comprehensively grasp the national social-economic situation.

Since: 3rd January, 1986
Area: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
Frequency: Daily
Circulation Numbers: 300,000 copies
80% in Ho Chi Minh City , 20% in Hanoi.

Mr. Long, who has witnessed the growth of one of the pillars of the national newspaper,
It is 20% northern compared to the southern part, but he is proud that Thanh Nien News which has been publishing daily newspapers for many years in the north has been respected and accomplished meaningful things.

In order to keep being a major daily news paper, he is also interested in accepting a wide range of articles provided by VientamPress and taking a stance of actively accepting articles meaningful for exchange relationship between Japan-Vietnam and Japan.

【Advertisement Fee】

For more detailed information, please contact the following contact information.


【PIC’s Comment】

Thanh Nien News has also made a contract with the Korean Embassy in order to deal with articles on the world situation, but because it has not tied up with the Japanese government and the embassy, ​​we can partner with Vietnam Press in the sense that we can also make a connection I am very pleased.

Services like VietnamPress (* press release service) are rare in Vietnam, but I feel a potential possibility. I hope to make better relationships from now on.


  • Press release service … A service that supports the press articles to be picked up by more media.
    Detail is here.
  • Press release··· Provide information, announcements, and presentations rfor Media on articles.

【Writer’s Comment】

Even when we exchanged opinions differently from Mr. Long, he listened attentively to our intention to understand our intentions.

As a result, we could finish this talks in a fairly peaceful atmosphere.

On behalf of Vietnam Press, I would like to thank to Thanh Nien News and espcially, Mr. Kieu Minh Long welcoming us at heart.

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