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2021/03/16 13:38 (JST)

From March 16 2021, SEED contact lens Viet Nam Co., Ltd officially introduced and distributed Ortho-K lens Breath-O Correct in the Vietnam market. Especially, it is highly effective to control myopia progression for kids.


Ortho-K Lens Breath-O Correct

It is Orthokeratology treatment (Ortho-K lens) to change the shape of cornea and vision of you correctly for a certain period. These lenses are usually worn at night and removed the next morning. The users can live with comfortable eyesight without wearing anything after moving Ortho-K lens. This method is especially effective in controlling a kid's myopia progression.

First of all, the design of Breath-O Correct is suitable to Asian’s shape of cornea. With many years of experience, it points out that the cornea of Western people is more protruding than Asian people. This lens is designed for Asians, so it is easier to prescribe and we can make the effect better. In particular, the users will have stable vision after 1 week using the lens.


Images of the shape of cornea between Western people and Asian people

Besides that, Breath-O Correct lens material is made from the mixture of methacrylate included Fluorine and the mixture of methacrylate included Silicone base on Toray’s original polymer technology – leading company about manufacturing medical material in Japan that make high durability for this lens.


High durability

Ortho-K Breath-O Correct owns remarkably high oxygen permeability compared with others, up to 156. Material with high oxygen permeability (DKvalue) is capable of transmitting oxygen well, so when worn while sleeping, the cornea still exchanges oxygen well and creates a comfortable feeling for the user.

Oxygen permeability of (DK) của Breath-O Correct compared other lens in Japan

Products Breath-O Correct glasses have a reasonable price (about 14 million VND for 1 package including 2 glasses) for the majority of users. The product has a usage time of about 2-3 years and is used for children (from 7 years old) and adults.

Mr. Yanagibori Takuya - General Director of SEED Vietnam emphasized: “With the mission of supporting your vision with Japanese quality, over the past 60 years, SEED has been researching to produce many contact lens products with high quality and high added value. Our Breath-O Correct corneal orthopedic glasses are focused on upgrading from materials, oxygen permeability and being suitable to Asian’s corneas to bring the best user experience. For that reason, we are proud to introduce this product to the Vietnamese market.”

In Vietnam, the Ortho-K method has been implemented in many hospitals and clinics such as the Central Eye Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital. SEED cooperates with clinics and hospitals in Vietnam - where fully equipped, a team of physicians with expertise and experience in refraction in general and Ortho-K products in particular. Breath-O Correct products are also selling best in clinics in Japan.

Myopia, in general, and refraction have increased trends in the world. As American Institute of Ophthalmology’s research*, there are approximately 49.8% of the population ~ 4 billions people who have refractive errors. In Vietnam, according to Vietnam National Eye Hospital 2 research*, it’s estimated about 14-36 million Vietnamese people who are myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

SEED Vietnam is a subsidiary company and exclusive agent for SEED products in Vietnam. SEED is a reputable contact lens brand from Japan with over 60 years of history researching, developing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of contact lenses and other eye care products such as contact lenses. soft lenses, hard contact lenses, Ortho-K contacts,…. SEED's products are present in 34 countries around the world and SEED owns the ISO-13485 standard production plant. With nearly 10 years of presence in the Vietnamese market, Seed Vietnam products have been recognized by many reputable hospitals, clinics & distributors such as National Eye Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital and many consumers in Vietnam trust and use.


 ● Reprentative:General director Yanagibori Takuya
 ● Hanoi:Floor 6, 81-83 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
 ● Ho Chi Minh:Room B2, Floor 4, International Plaza Building, No 343 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, TP HCM
 ● Website:https://seedvietnam.com
 ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinhaptrongseed

For more details of Ortho-K treatment and Breath-O Correct, please contact SEED Vietnam: hotline 0962 244 574, website www.seedvietnam.com or email info@seed-vietnam.com


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