Japanese-Vietnamese Interaction through Soccer: Sekisho Corporation Invites Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Hosts Exchange Project
2019/02/19 12:00 (JST)
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Sekisho Corporation (Ibaraki prefecture, Representative Director and President Masaki Seki; hereafter, Sekisho) invited members of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Hanoi, President Hoang Minh Son; hereafter, HUST) Football Club to Japan and hosted an exchange event with the cooperation of professional Japanese soccer team Kashima Antlers F.C. and the University of Tsukuba Men’s Football Club (hereafter, University of Tsukuba F.C.) from January 25-27, 2019.


This exchange event took place as part of the terms agreed upon in the sponsorship contract between Sekisho and HUST, and is the first such event since its signing on August 1, 2018. Through joint practices and exchange matches with Kashima Antlers Youth and the University of Tsukuba F.C., the purpose of the event was twofold: first, to provide guidance on soccer technique, and second, to promote exchange and understanding through sport.


△Group Photo from Joint Practice at Kashima Antlers Clubhouse


In 2017, Sekisho established their first overseas branch in Hanoi with a focus on system development and human resource services. As part of the latter, Sekisho has hosted SEKISHO JOBFAIR on HUST’s campus four times, which matches exceptional Vietnamese job candidates with Japanese companies. Through regular exchange, Sekisho and HUST have developed a close working relationship, which was expanded for this event through the inclusion of the Kashima Antlers, which Sekisho also supports, and the University of Tsukuba F.C.


On the first day of their visit, HUST Football Club toured the field, locker rooms, and other facilities of Kashima Soccer Stadium before attending a joint practice session at the Kashima Antlers Clubhouse. As the Japan v. Vietnam match in the Asia Cup had taken place just the day previous, the timing for cross-cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam could not have been better. The following day’s exchange match that unfolded between HUST Football Club and the University of Tsukuba F.C. proved to be just as intense and dramatic as the Asia Cup.


△Joint Practice                       △Exchange Match


In the press room at Kashima Soccer Stadium, President of Sekisho Corporation, Masaki Seki; Director of General Affairs of Kashima Antlers F.C., Kazuyuki Sekiguchi; First Secretary of the Education Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, Pham Quang Hung; and HUST Student Affairs Office Director, Dinh Van Hai, fielded questions related to the exchange project from journalists and reporters.


In his welcome address to the HUST students, President Seki said, “Being able to interact with one of Japan’s top teams is a great chance for HUST F.C. to become even stronger. We hope that by promoting exchange among HUST, Kashima Antlers F.C., and the University of Tsukuba, we can further deepen the relationship between Vietnam and Japan.” In regards to Sekisho’s business in Vietnam, he added, “We would like to focus on and increase our business operations in Hanoi. In addition to human resources, we want to take the knowledge and technology that we are cultivating in Japan and expand that to Vietnam.”


Pham Quang Hung, First Secretary and Head of the Education Office of the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan, commented on the link between Vietnam and Japan and emphasized the friendliness of their relationship, saying, “The amount of support for the expansion of Japanese business into Vietnam and the training of human resources will only continue to grow. Not only will university students go on to work for locally-based Japanese companies, but they will also increasingly take posts in Japan, and it will be a great opportunity for them. We will be able to see through this exchange project just how close the relationship between Vietnam and Japan can become.”


After the conclusion of the exchange project, one of the participating members from the HUST Football Club, Nguyen Van Thai, remarked that “Being able to practice on a beautifully-maintained field was a great experience, and I will never forget having had the chance to learn from trainers and coaches from the Kashima Antlers.”


Sekisho plans on hosting similar exchange events next year and the year following with the intent to continue building the relationship between Japan and Vietnam.

Event Details

【Date】 2019/1/25 (Fri) ~ 1/27 (Sun)

【Location】 Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima Antlers Clubhouse, University of Tsukuba

【Invitees】 Hanoi University of Science and Technology Football Club, 15 members



Date Time Itinerary Place
1/25 (Fri) 7:00 HUST Arrival in Japan Narita International Airport
  13:00 Welcome Reception Kashima Soccer Stadium, Press Room
  14:00 Kashima Soccer Stadium Tour  
  15:30 Kashima Antlers Clubhouse Tour  
  16:00 Joint Practice with Coach from Kashima Antlers Academy Kashima Antlers Clubhouse
1/26 (Sat) 10:00 Exchange Match with University of Tsukuba University of Tsukuba, Sekisho Field
  12:00 Lunch Reception  
  15:00 Tokyo Sightseeing  
1/27 (Sun) 8:00 HUST Departure from Japan Narita International Airport


【Welcome Reception】

Sekisho Corporation, Representative Director and President        Masaki Seki

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Japan, 

First Secretary, Head of Education Office        Pham Quang Hung

Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 

  Student Affairs Office Director        Dinh Van Hai

Kashima Antlers F.C., Director of General Affairs        Kazuyuki Sekiguchi

HUST Football Club


【Joint Practice】

HUST Football Club

Kashima Antlers F.C. Youth Team

University of Tsukuba F.C.


【Exchange Match】

HUST Football Club

University of Tsukuba F.C.


Photos from the Exchange Project


       △Kashima Soccer Stadium                                             △Kashima Antlers Clubhouse


                     △Joint Practice               △Before the Exchange Match


                △Fighting for possession of the ball   △After the Exchange Match at Sekisho Field

                        during the Exchange Match


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