Imamura Vietnam officially introduces Japanese style apartment in Hanoi, with the desire to popularize this style in Vietnam
2018/10/16 10:45 (JST)
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Hanoi, 16th October 2018: Imamura Vietnam Co., Ltd - a member of Japanese Interior Construction Group - Imamura, officially introduces a Japanese space through a Japanese style apartment in Hanoi, which contemporarily claims their plan popularizing Japanese space in Vietnam market.


Mr Chino Yoshiaki and Ms Mai Phuong’s family in the new apartment


This apartment belongs to luxury apartment Discovery Complex, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, owned by a young Vietnamese - Japanese couple. The apartment has 150m square with a bedroom, living room and bathroom.

The outstanding figure in this apartment is the simpleness going with modern style by making use of high-quality materials in furniture. The Shoji partition and the tatami mat, classic elements that make the house become Japanese style.


The Shoji partition and the tatami mat, classic elements that make the house become Japanese style.

Toni mat brings to the house the beauty of moderness


The floor is raised up with different height levels, varies from 10 - 15 to 30 cm. For instance, tea room floor is raised up to 20 cm. It is about 15 cm in the kitchen. This technic cleverly separates various spaces without partitions.


Floor raising system using rubber mattress, floor raised up to 15 cm, separates

living room and kitchen


Especially, it is the first time plastic large-size floor used in civil works with a number of features such as slip resistance, easy cleaning and not wear-out color. Furthermore, floor raising systems create a private space in the whole space by the height of the floors, instead of a partition.

Moreover, the owner decided to use the wallpaper because this material’s features are moisture resistance, anti-mold, and air filter. Their colors vary from white to grey, wood grain, etc.


Wallpaper is used in the tea room, living room and altar room. The neutral colors such as brown, light wood, beige, white, cream, milk color ... are characteristic of Japanese style, helping to feel the nature spirit.


Mr Chino Yoshiaki - the owner of this house shared: “Since moving to this house, I always feel that I want to come back home after a hard working day. Because this house makes me feel cozy, simple but light enough, and especially the Japanese style (looks like I am living in my hometown.) One of the most unique in this house is Unit Bath, which is completely imported from Japan. It has the function of drying, heating, clothes drying and ventilation. It has a deep bath and toilet seat for doing with children. My wife is a Vietnamese woman who has ever worked in Japan. Therefore, this new space makes us feel really satisfied. "

Mr Okada Daisuke, Imamura Vietnam Co., Ltd claims that: “The Japanese style architecture, characterized by the philosophy of "Zen", means to focus airy space, neat and harmony with nature to help the human soul always gentle. In common with the Asian culture, therefore, Japanese living space design has many similarities with the Vietnamese. In addition, both the expression in appearances and how the members feel inside reflects the Japanese architecture. We focus much more on space, layout, arrangement and try to satisfy the users. It is predictable that this style would become a popular trend in Vietnam in the future.”


Imamura Vietnam Co., Ltd is one of the members in Imamura Interior Construction Group, which has already been active over than 30 years in Japan. In this debut, Imamura Vietnam really wants to popularize this culture style to Vietnam market. With the purpose that “Bringing benefits for everyone is bringing benefits for ourselves”, this well-known company has step-by-step devoted to Vietnam architecture future.




Place: Luxury apartment Discovery Complex, 302, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Square: 150m2

Completion year: 2018

Design and performance: Imamura International Vietnam

Photo: Imamura International Vietnam


■【Company Information】

Imamura Co., Ltd
Head office: Tosu, Saga, Japan

Foundation year: 1993


CEO: Ông Imamura Tokuhiro


Imamura International Vietnam

Address: Hoang Mai, Ha Noi
Foundation year: 11/2017


PIC: Okada Daisuke



Imamura Vietnam Co., Ltd - one of the members of Building Furniture Architecture Group - is liable for design, furniture performance, Japan furniture product distribution agent, contemporarily train and supply human resources. Imamura’s business operation in Vietnam with the desire to improve the living environment, support for labor skills which helps to solve labor lack issue in Japan and boosts the relationship between 2 countries.



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