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Sun* Startups calls for potential startup ideas in Vietnam

2019/03/08 11:00 (JST)

Since our establishment in 2012, Sun* (formerly called Framgia Inc.) has been receiving significant achievements in software development, human development, and business development. Holding the position of a successful startup, Sun* has been targeting Startup Studio model as a strategic business movement since 2018.

This can be seen as a "factory" where startups are produced and grown. With the purposes of establishing a series of businesses utilising available resources (design, engineering, marketing, recruiting, planning, business design, finance, legal affairs, etc.), Sun* Startups supports startups from very early stage (idea mapping) in order to develop them with full functions of comprehensive businesses.

In order to continue seeking and supporting potential Startups on the path of reaching successes, Sun* Startups is open for feasible business ideas from any individual or enterprise in every industry in Vietnam. Application form will be available from March 2019. Anyone who is carrying dream of creating “Awesome!” values for the world are welcome to submit application through our website startup.sun-asterisk.vn

Website startup.sun-asterisk.vn

After half a decade persistently striving, Sun* has gained a special connection with external resources. These are universities that provide high-quality human resources through technique and foreign language training projects. These are also strategic counsels from senior management team such as CTO, CMO of partners, the technology platform for using and researching such as Blockchain, AI Platform, or infrastructure, technical equipments from big suppliers, etc. Not only working on the technical platform for products and services, Sun* also has capability of helping Startups on solving the problems of design, engineering, marketing, recruiting, planning, business design, finance, legal affairs, etc. This is the key power of Sun* Startups. With such strong network in different fields of the market, Sun* is capable of boosting any Startup to their desired destination. We - as Sun* Startups, cooperate with talented individuals and partners to support young potential companies start their businesses in the best way possible.

What Sun* really aims to are the continuous creation of new great values for our society, and the connection amongst people sharing mutual ambitions. This model could be approached by anyone, any city or nation in the journey of seeking for success. Creating innovation for the world has always been a burning dream of Sun* throughout our development. By investing in Startup Studio, Sun* together with promising factors in the field of technology create "awesome" values for humans to make a better and brighter world.

Among the recent years, Sun* Startups has been building and boosting over 10 talented businesses in Vietnam and Japan. Within those enterprises, there are outstanding names such as JAMJA - an app helping clients to find valuable discounts, which already successfully got an investment of 20 billions VND from 4 large investment funds in Korea and Japan; or Uiza - a million-dollar-Startup that broke the record of valuation in Southeast Asia, and successfully cooperate with top ranked Silicon Valley investment fund. All the enterprises that Sun* Startups has partnered with in various areas like real estate, retail, fashion, or tourism recognised significant growth and achievement. It is also promising a blooming future of those ventures.

About Sun *

Founded in 2012, Sun* (formerly named Framgia Inc.) is a Japanese Digital Creative Studio, based in Vietnam, currently has over 1300 members, working in 6 different cities of 4 countries. At Sun*, we specialise in the field of Startup Studio, Software Development, Digital Transformation utilising latest technologies, Education of IT Talents who are capable of creating new values. We, together with challenge takers will bring outstandingly positive changes to the world through businesses.

Company name: Sun* Inc.
Head Office: 13F Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 Tower, Plot E6, Pham Hung Road, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Ha Noi.
CEO: Mr. Taihei Kobayashi
Date of Establishment: October 2012 (Sun* brand launched in March 2019)

For any query, please contact:
Sun* Startups
Website: startup.sun-asterisk.vn

Ngo Dinh Anh Khoa (Marketing)
Email: ngo.dinh.anh.khoa@sun-asterisk.com
Phone: 84-968-998-951

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